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How Many Dispensaries Are in Ohio?

According to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control, the state has 81 medical marijuana dispensaries as of April 2023.

When Do Ohio Marijuana Dispensaries Open Near Me?

Ohio marijuana dispensaries may operate between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., as allowed by Chapter 3796:6-3 of the Ohio Administrative Code. However, the opening hours of each Ohio dispensary may vary. It is possible to confirm the actual opening hours of retail dispensaries in Ohio on their websites or signs posted at the public entrances to those dispensaries.

Do Ohio Cannabis Dispensaries Open Late Near Me?

Many dispensaries in Ohio open late till about 9:00 p.m. on weekdays. Residents can confirm the operating hours of Ohio cannabis dispensaries near them on the dispensaries’ websites.

Are there Ohio Dispensaries Near Me that Deliver?

Cannabis delivery by dispensaries is illegal in Ohio. Only primary caregivers can deliver marijuana to registered patients. No licensed Ohio dispensaries deliver marijuana to consumers.

Are there Ohio Dispensaries that Ship Out of State?

Shipping marijuana across state lines is illegal due to federal laws banning marijuana activities. Hence, no Ohio dispensaries can legally ship marijuana out of state.

Are there Recreational Dispensaries in Ohio?

No, there are no recreational dispensaries in Ohio because state laws ban the sale or possession of cannabis for recreational purposes.

What Do I Need to Bring to an Ohio Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

The sale of recreational marijuana is currently illegal in Ohio.

What Do I Need to Bring to an Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

A qualifying cannabis patient must provide the following when visiting any Ohio medical marijuana dispensary near them:

  • Ohio medical marijuana card
  • Valid government-issued ID (state driver’s license, U.S passport)
  • Cash or debit card

Can I Visit an Ohio Dispensary Near Me Without a Medical Marijuana Card?

No, it is necessary to bring your medical marijuana card while visiting dispensaries in Ohio. You must also provide a valid government-issued ID card at Ohio dispensaries.

Can I Enter an Ohio Dispensary Near Me at Age 18?

Yes, qualifying cannabis patients can enter Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries at 18. Patients under 18 require registered caregivers or legal guardians to purchase marijuana prescriptions at licensed dispensaries on their behalf.

How Many Ohio Dispensaries Near Me Can I Visit in A Day?

You can visit more than one medical marijuana dispensary in Ohio in a day. However, dispensaries must not exceed the daily supply limit of marijuana allowed for customers.

Do Ohio Dispensaries Near Me Take Credit Cards?

No. Ohio dispensaries do not accept credit cards because of the federal ban on marijuana and cannabis-related activities.

Do Ohio Dispensaries Near Me Accept Medical Insurance?

No, Ohio dispensaries do not accept medical insurance as a payment method for marijuana purchases.

Do Ohio Dispensaries Near Me Track How Much Weed I Buy?

Yes. By law, Ohio dispensaries must record each marijuana sale, purchase, and return of medical marijuana in the inventory tracking system provided by the Medical Marijuana Control Program.

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