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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in Parma?

No, Parma currently has no marijuana dispensaries. However, medical marijuana dispensaries can legally operate in Parma and other Ohio cities, as Chapter 3796:6-3 of the Ohio Administrative Code allows. Per the Codified Ordinances of Parma, marijuana dispensaries must be located in the city’s industrial park district. Cannabis in Ohio is approved for medical use, but recreational use is illegal.

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Parma?

No, there are currently no medical marijuana dispensaries in Parma, but medical marijuana dispensaries can operate in the city under the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. The medical use of cannabis became legal in Ohio after House Bill 523 was signed into law in 2016. However, medical marijuana sales did not commence until 2019 after the finalization of the rules governing the state’s medical marijuana program. Ohio currently has 66 medical marijuana dispensaries accessible to eligible individuals but none operates in Parma.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in Parma?

Yes, Parma patients and caregivers can order cannabis products from online weed dispensaries near them. Although customers can order online at any time, the dispensary cannot process such orders outside operational hours. Moreover, online orders are only available for pickup as delivery of cannabis is illegal in Ohio. Caregivers are permitted to deliver cannabis prescriptions to patients.

Visiting a Dispensary in Parma

Registered patients and caregivers can visit a marijuana dispensary in Parma during its operating hours. First-time customers may need to fill out and submit a Patient Intake form. Before attending to customers, the dispensary will scan the barcode on the patient or caregiver’s medical marijuana card and check their ID card. Acceptable forms of ID cards include a driver’s license, a U.S. passport, or a state-issued ID. Medical marijuana cardholders may also present their cards through their phones or other mobile devices. Payments for purchases are made with cash only, as dispensaries do not accept other payment methods.

Parma Dispensary Laws

There are no dispensaries in Parma, but dispensaries in Ohio must comply with the following laws:

  • Dispensaries can only sell to medical marijuana cardholders following a physician’s recommendation

  • Medical marijuana packages must be labeled adequately, as required by the state

  • Information collected by a dispensary must be kept private

  • Dispensaries may only open between 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily

  • A dispensary cannot operate if its surveillance equipment is not working

  • Consumption of marijuana products on the premises of a dispensary is illegal

  • A dispensary can only recruit employees with the necessary training requirements

Recreational Laws in Parma

The recreational use of marijuana is illegal in Parma and anywhere in Ohio. Unlawful possession or use of marijuana for recreational purposes in Parma is punishable by a fine or incarceration, depending on the quantity.

Medical Cannabis Laws in Parma

Medical cannabis in Parma is only available to patients and caregivers registered in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. Patients must have a qualifying medical condition to register for the program. Some of these conditions include AIDS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, cachexia, cancer, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Crohn's disease, epilepsy or another seizure disorder, glaucoma, and hepatitis C.

Patients under 18 need a parent’s/guardian’s consent for medical marijuana treatment and also require an adult caregiver. Ohio medical cannabis laws prohibit the smoking or combustion of medical marijuana but permit vaporization (vaping). The cultivation of marijuana for personal use is also prohibited in Parma. Registered patients or caregivers cannot possess more than a 90-day supply of their medical marijuana prescriptions.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Parma

Parma residents can obtain a medical marijuana card by registering in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. They can follow these steps to enroll:

  • Applicants must visit a certified physician to confirm the medical conditions that qualify them for medical marijuana

  • Upon confirmation, the physician will recommend the patient by entering the recommendation details in the Patient and Caregiver Registry

  • The applicant will receive a link and instructions via email to create an account and complete the registration for the program

  • A registration fee is required to activate the medical marijuana card

Note that the Ohio Board of Pharmacy will not send a copy of the medical marijuana card to a registrant. However, registrants can click the download icon on the portal to save it on a device and print it.

Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Parma?

Cannabis consumption in Parma is only legal indoors in private residences. The city does not allow the public consumption of cannabis.

How to Buy Cannabis at a Parma Dispensary

Although Parma has no dispensaries, residents can legally purchase cannabis from licensed dispensaries near the city. While medical cannabis is available to all patients, minor patients cannot buy cannabis directly from a dispensary. Caregivers of minor patients are responsible for refilling their prescriptions at dispensaries. All customers must present their medical marijuana cards and valid government-issued IDs to buy cannabis in Parma.

The Average Price in Parma

There are no dispensaries in Parma. However, Parma residents may spend up to $235 for an ounce of medium-quality weed at licensed dispensaries near the city. For high-quality weed, the average price per ounce is about $330.

Most Popular Strains in Parma

Some of the most popular strains of cannabis in Parma are Eager Beaver, Harry's Kush, Dual OG Shake, Ghee Butter, Dolce, Runtz Smalls, Apple Juice, and Cherry Punch.

Can You Smoke in Public in Parma?

No, Ohio laws prohibit smoking of marijuana anywhere, including Parma. Additionally, the public consumption of cannabis is illegal on the premises of government-owned buildings or healthcare facilities. It is also unlawful to consume marijuana in parks, transit terminals, parking lots, and playgrounds.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in Parma?

Registered residents cannot possess more than a 90-day supply of their medical marijuana prescription. However, they can only purchase a maximum of a 45-day supply at once under the 90-Day Supply Guidance.

Can I Ship Cannabis in Parma?

No, it is illegal to ship cannabis in Parma. Ohio laws prohibit residents from delivering marijuana across its borders. Additionally, transporting marijuana across different states remains a punishable offense under federal laws.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in Parma?

Yes. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program rules allow eligible individuals to order cannabis online. However, the delivery of cannabis is illegal. Therefore, customers must pick up their orders at the dispensaries.

Are there 24-hour Dispensaries in Parma?

No, there are no 24-hour dispensaries in Parma. Dispensaries near Parma and other Ohio cities usually operate between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in Parma?

No, there are no cannabis dispensaries in Parma. The marijuana dispensaries near Parma are exclusively accessible to residents registered in the Ohio medical marijuana program.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in Parma?

Although Parma has no cannabis dispensaries, It is mandatory to present a government-issued ID when visiting a dispensary in Ohio. Visitors must also come along with their medical marijuana card.

Best Dispensaries in Parma

There are currently no dispensaries in Parma. However, medical marijuana purchases are available at nearby dispensaries, such as Rise and The Botanist in Cleveland.

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in Parma?

While there are no dispensaries in Parma, medical marijuana cards in Ohio have a barcode that dispensaries near the city can scan to verify patients’ information.

How Many Dispensaries are in Parma?

Parma currently has no weed dispensary.

Can Dispensaries in Parma Take Credit Cards?

No. Although there are no dispensaries in Parma, dispensaries in other Ohio cities generally accept cash payments only due to the federal ban on marijuana.

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day in Parma?

Parma has no dispensaries within its borders. However, Ohio laws impose no limit on the number of dispensaries residents can visit daily. The daily purchases must not surpass the quantity allowed.

Do Dispensaries in Parma Take Health Insurance?

Although no dispensary operates in Parma, federal restrictions on marijuana prevent dispensaries near the city from accepting health insurance.

Do Dispensaries in Parma Track How Much Weed You Buy?

There are no cannabis dispensaries in Parma. However, dispensary staff in neighboring towns/cities check the Patient Registry to track the supply limit of patients before selling them medical marijuana. The dispensary staff will also record new purchases in the Registry.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in Parma at Age 18?

There are no marijuana dispensaries in Ohio, but registered medical marijuana patients from the city can enter a dispensary near Parma at age 18.

Where Can I Find Parma Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

Parma cannabis regulator’s contact Information is available on the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program contact page. The Department of Commerce and the Board of Pharmacy regulate Cannabis activities in Ohio.

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in Parma?

Interested individuals can report illegal cannabis activities in Parma by filing a complaint with the State Board of Pharmacy. The Parma Police Department also receives complaints of illicit marijuana activities within the city borders at (440)885-1234.