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How Much Does the Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

Physicians eligible to certify patients for medical cannabis are responsible for initiating patient and caregiver registrations in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry. Before setting up an appointment with a physician, a patient should first confirm that their debilitating condition is on the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Ohio. If the physician confirms that the patient has a qualifying condition, they will create a profile on the Registry for the patient. The patient can designate a caregiver too and add them to their profile.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Ohio accepts patient certification for medical marijuana from physicians (MDs and DOs) licensed by the state’s Medical Board. To get their certificate to recommend, physicians must have full, unrestricted licenses and complete a compulsory medical marijuana education course. Ohio accepts both in-person and telehealth consultations with patients. Such a consultation must be conducted annually before a patient can renew their registration and medical cannabis card. The recommending physician enters the patient’s and caregiver’s details in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry if they choose to certify them. The patient and caregiver gets emails to complete their registration. The cost of a consultation leading to a patient certification in Ohio varies from practice to practice, and whether the consultation was in-person or via telemedicine services. The Ohio State Medical Board provides a handy map for finding certifying physicians. Patients can expect to pay $100 - $300 for a doctor’s visit leading to their medical marijuana certification.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Fee

The Ohio Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) charges 1 cent for a patient or caregiver MMJ card. It also charges the same amount for renewing this card. The DCC dropped the medical cannabis card fee from $50 for patients and $25 for caregivers on March 4, 2024.

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